Newcastle University Fellwalking Society

Summit for Everyone

Officially 'the best' Newcastle University Society - NCL+ Awards 2010, With a Gold Star Rating 2013


How to join

Come see us at the Fresher's Fair on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th and put your name down for our mailing list!

Memberships are not yet available on the Student Union website, but you can still see our membership options.

Have a look at our trip list to see where we're going over the next year!

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Why join

  1. Opportunities to climb/walk/go mountaineering – you may never have the chance to climb so much in your life.
  2. Broadens your horizons beyond the campus. Gives a refreshing break away from studying and gets you into the outdoors.
  3. Chance to meet and make friends with like-minded people.
  4. Learn skills from experienced club members.
  5. Shared kit.
  6. Shared costs, subsidised trips and meets
  7. Great social scene.

Click here to see some of the fantastic trips we have on this year!


Day Trips


Our first day trip of the year is to Ambleside, on Saturday 8th of October!

Weekend Trips

Glen Coe

The first weekend trip of the year is to Glen Coe, from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of October!



Join our Facebook page!

Our first social will be a BBQ on the beach at Tynemouth, on the weekend of Freshers week!

We are always down at the Strawberry every Wednesday at 7:30, come join us for a pint!